Famous literary characters come to life when a bookstore is built on top of an enchanted forest!
A comic strip by Matthew Labul.
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Shipping and Customer Service

If you have any question about your order please contact me at or 310.857.8877. This is a tiny operation so I can only provide support during business hours 10am-6pm EST.

The order form calculates the shipping & handling. Here's a quick rundown:

One book:       $6.15   
Two books:    $6.25    
Three books:  $6.70   

After three books the cost goes up about 40¢ per book.

1-2 posters:   $5.20    
3-4 posters:   $5.30    
5-6 posters:   $5.75

After six posters the cost goes up about 40¢ per poster.

1-3 two-packs:   $5.20     
(2-6 greeting cards)
4-6 two-packs:   $5.30
   (8-12 greeting cards)
7-9 two-packs:   $5.75     
(14-18 greeting cards)

Shipping Times
I'll fulfill your order within 24-36 hours. Your purchases are this strip's bread and butter, so I'll try to get your stuff shipped even faster. Domestically, most post office packages will get to you within a week of shipping.

Tracking Numbers
After you place your order you'll get a confirmation email, and then an email after I get back from the post office. US domestic orders will include a tracking number (but not for single Splat!Card orders.) If the link to the tracking number is not working, occasionally they only track at delivery. Don't worry if you have a tracking number and the link doesn't work right away.

The post office doesn't provide tracking for international orders, and shipping takes about is 3-4 weeks (even to Canada). If you don't have your stuff within 4 weeks of the shipping confirmation, send me a note.

BOOKS (Internationally)
One book:      $10.35    
Two books:    $11.92  
Add $1.50 for each additional book.

POSTERS (Internationally)
ne poster:   $10.63   
Two posters: $12.20    
3-4 posters:   $14.74

After four posters add $1.50 for each additional poster.

SPLAT!CARDS (Internationally)
1-3 two-packs:   $5.20     (2-6 greeting cards)
4-6 two-packs:   $5.30
 (8-12 greeting cards)
7-9 two-packs:   $5.75     
(14-18 greeting cards)

Merchandise Returns
Any customers who aren't happy, will get their money back. Just ship me the product and I'll process the refund, minus the postage. Please include the original invoice. No returns/refunds after 60 days, so contact me early.

Return to:
Matthew Labul
147 West 126th Street #3
New York, NY 10027

Damaged Products
If your product is damaged during shipping, please take a photo of the damaged product & email it to me at Once I get it, I'll send you a replacement free.

Wholesale Requests
If you're interested in purchasing wholesale, please contact me at for more information.

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